Industry 4.0

Increase robustness, agility and safety in your operations and in your labs

Pharma industry - Factory of the Future Pharma industry - Factory of the Future


Want a robust project management including a structured change governance?

Achieving your strategy on time and at the right level of quality requires experts who effectively align management, plan key activities and mobilize all employees.

Need proven, flexible solutions that allow quick performance gain?

PharmaOperation can help you design your industrial system now by integrating Lean and Digital solutions while respecting your values and mission.

Requirement to engage the company in a culture of continuous improvement?

With our strong expertise in operational excellence, lean engineering methods will ensure sustainability of implementation and short-term results.

PharmaOperation masters five disruptive but mature techniques to drive your performance.


1. Agile & Operational Excellence Mindset

5S, Total Productive Management - TPM, Just In Time, Maintenance Excellence, digital, mobile and visual performance management, streamlined and automated processed, flexible organization, digital & lean manufacturing behaviors, frugal innovation, new business models

2. Smart (Hardware) Sensors & Actuators

collaborative robots, self-learning and autonomous robots, automated guided vehicle, RFID, Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, pick by beam, mobile internet, camera detection

3. Vertical & Horizontal (Software) Integration

software integration with suppliers, customers, partners and within the company between machines and systems, remote expertise platform, cloud technology, cybersecurity

4. Knowledge Management & Design for Manufacturing

3D product-process design, 3D printing, PLM, flow simulation, e-learning, digital working instruction, paperless factory, automation of knowledge work, advanced materials

5. Manufacturing Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

Data capture and treatment, Big Data analysis, preventive and predictive maintenance, smart scheduling, Quality correlation analysis

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PharmaOperation proposes to production, maintenance and engineering managers great talents, technologies and solutions to build their future factories.

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